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Georgia is the place where we can find the origins of world wine-making. At 6000 year BC, and maybe even earlier, grapes were grown here and fine wines were created! This land is so saturated with the spirit of winemaking that in every sip of local wines and cognacs we feel the taste of traditions and the thousand-year experience of Georgian masters.

Georgian cognac, in comparison with wine, is a younger drink that has been produced here since the middle of the 17th century. But the quality of the local grapes and the talent of the masters made themselves felt: at 1878 Georgian cognac was awarded a gold medal at the international Paris exhibition. Over that years, the number of manufacturers, brands, and at the same time the number of awards and admirers of Georgian cognac grew around the world.

Today Georgian cognac consists of:

  • grapes grown in unique terroirs;
  • high-quality cognac spirits;
  • innovative equipment;
  • the best world technologies and, of course, the ancient history of local winemaking.
Niko Pirosmani
Niko Pirosmani
Do you know that Joseph Stalin presented to Churchill exactly the Georgian cognac

In 1945, at the meeting of the Big Three, Churchill, who knew a lot about good cognacs, tried the masterpiece of Georgian masters. He was struck by the taste and even thought it was French. When, on his 75th birthday, he received 75 bottles of this drink as a present from the Soviet leader, he said that its pity he was not 100 years old.

The unique

The lands of Georgia are situated at the central and western parts of the southern Caucasus. Here they are protected from the northern winds by mountain peaks. The complex and contrasting relief, the climate from subtropical to moderate, diverse in its characteristics soils — all this creates excellent conditions for growing grapes, produce unique wines and cognacs! And although there are more than 48,000 hectares of vineyards in Georgia, each of them is unique.

It is proved that the traditional Georgian grapes in their composition and organoleptic coincides with the French cognac varieties. Today the huge potential of Georgian skates is an indisputable fact.

Niko Pirosmani cognacs are born at the generous Georgian land. Thanks to quality grape spirits, each bottle of Niko Pirosmani is filled with the greatness of the Caucasus mountains, the tranquility of green plains, the warmth of the bright sun and the aroma of ripe fruit.



Cognacs of Niko Pirosmani line create Alcohol Beverage Factory (ABF) — one of the largest producers of cognac spirits in Georgia.

Not far from Tbilisi, in an ecologically clean place, in the most important wine region Kakheti is located an distillery with advanced European equipment. Our factory occupies an area of ​​about 3 hectares and consists of a workshop for the reception of wine materials, a finesse shop, a blending unit, a water filtration station, a refrigeration unit, a finished products bottling plant and a modern logistic center. There is even the railway branch equipped with an automatic loading system. So, there is everything to ensure that grapes, the basis for quality brandy spirits, quickly got to the distillery.

ABF provides a full cycle of production — from growing grapes at own vineyards and making of wine materials to ageing of alcohols, their blending and direct production of cognac. The specialists of the company carefully monitor the quality of each batch, so you are guaranteed to enjoy the delicious cognac Niko Pirosmani.

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At the disposal of the distillery are 3-year, 5-year and unique alcohols with ageing from 8 to 12 years. Therefore, buying Niko Pirosmani, you can choose as a popular cognac 3 *, and an exquisite and rich drink category XO.

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Modern technologies

The quality of cognac, its richness of flavours and aromas are determined by many factors — from the terroir of vineyards and processing of oak wood to the exact observance of technological processes.

At the ABF, the selected grapes are crushed and pressed. Further the juice is waited for fermentation. The fermented wine material is sent for distillation, after which valuable cognac spirits are obtained. From them we take the middle fraction of alcohol. Only the middle fraction goes for ageing. Our spirits retain in themselves the subtle nuances of young wine, and in the future are enriched with oak shades, giving rise to noble and refined beverages!

Year after year, we replenish the stocks of brandy alcohol, distributed in renewable oak barrels, made from a century old oak, and insisted in tanks on selected oak materials. After ageing, we begin to produce the cognac itself — blending. So our cognac masters create the character and personality of Niko Pirosmani cognacs.


At all stages of production, raw materials and spirits are tested not only in their own laboratory at the plant, but also at accredited laboratories in Georgia and Europe. Therefore, the quality of Niko Pirosmani cognacs is always on top!

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Art of

Искусство коньяка

Niko Pirosmani

A self-taught artist, a man of complex destiny and incredible natural talent, one of the symbols of Georgia. In his paintings — the whole truth of life of that time, the life of the Georgian people: everyday life and holidays, pitchers with wine and hospitable tables, city sketches and peasant landscapes, images of people and images of animals — everything that was close to him.

What is the secret of the success of these paintings? In their simplicity and sincerity, that the artist himself did not chase after fees, but simply always dreamed of drawing, expressing himself in every picture.

The glory came to him only after his death and grew from year to year. He made about two thousand of paintings but to our days have preserved no more than three hundred of them. You can see Pirosmani’s works in the best museums in Tbilisi, Moscow, London, Paris and other cities in the world.

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Art of cognac

The creator of cognac, like an artist, mixes shades, places accents, forms author's style and handwriting so that his work is remembered and aroused aesthetic pleasure!

Georgian brandies Niko Pirosmani reveal their uniqueness in an elegant fragrance with an excellent balance and became the standard of excellent quality. In this cognac, as in the paintings of Pirosmani, lies our love for Georgia — the strength of its land, respect for people and a tribute to traditions.

We created the cognac Niko Pirosmani, so you can touch the masterpiece of cognac art!

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Every year, the Alcohol Beverage Factory (ABF) exports at least 10,000,000 litres of products to Italy, France, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China and the Baltic countries.

And it's not just finished products! Our cognac spirits are in demand even in countries such as France and Italy and become the basis of quality European cognacs.

Niko Pirosmani cognacs combine advanced equipment and best technologies:
  • – A distillery with five distillers with a capacity of 15,000 decaliters of cognac spirit per month.
  • – Oak barrels and enamelled tanks with French oak rivets and chips for 500,000 decaliters.
  • – Italian bottling line with a capacity of 3000 bottles per hour.
  • Own water supply from wells, the newest methods of water treatment.
  • – Refrigeration unit for processing blends before bottling and filtration using new technologies.
  • – Direct access to the motorway and own railway line for prompt delivery.
The main life-drama of Niko Pirosmani is an undivided love for the French actress Margarita.

For her sake, he sold everything he owned, and to the house of unapproachable beauty went carts, loaded to the top with flowers. The whole street was strewn with buds of Iranian lilac and acacia so that it was not visible to the pavement. But Margarita gave him just one kiss, and left. This story became the basis of the famous song "a Million scarlet roses" Alla Pugacheva.